Setting the Bar on Home Security

What is it

With increasing numbers of Home Invasions, kick-ins and other violent property crimes, Home Safety has become a hot topic. Alarms and cameras are fine, but keeping intruders out of your home is the key to true Home Security. The Safe Room Locking Bar offers Affordable Home Security in an easy to operate, DIY installation friendly Home Security device.

Working under the age old concept of “barring” a door, the patent pending Safe Room Locking Bar provides thousands of pounds of resistance against unwanted entry, protecting your family and giving you precious time to properly arm yourself or call the authorities for help.

Our Story

It all began with a stolen remote control for my garage door. The thought of how easily someone, anyone could enter my home became a stark reality and I began to think about home security…not just an alarm, but a way to keep intruders OUT of my home.

Searching the retail market, I came up empty handed on a cost effective means of securing multiple doors throughout my house; front door, back door, garage door, bedroom door…

I decided to build my own home security device and ultimately invented what I consider the best home security device on the market, The Safe Room Locking Bar. Look it over and see if you agree.

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